Rolling back the years with a new style of farming

Farming and Technology
Working with the environment

The Spiral of Global Warming

Regenerative Agriculture

A Regenerative Approach

A relatively new style of farming has attracted a great deal of attention. “Regenerative Farming” seeks to regenerate the soil, land and water, as well as being of benefit to the wider environment. It also tends to produce crops that have a far higher nutritional value than those grown using conventional methods.

  • Understanding the context of the farm’s operation;
  • Minimizing soil disturbance
  • Maximizing crop diversity
  • Keeping the soil covered
  • Maintaining living roots all year round
  • Integrating livestock

Can Regenerative Agriculture be Profitable?

New Style of Farming

Cultural Shift

Since the first time humans decided to plant a few seeds to supplement their already diverse diet, farming has evolved mono-directionally. Today, we are experiencing a new era of regenerative agricultural techniques that create foods of greater nutritional value, while also enhancing our environmental biodiversity, reversing greenhouse emissions and importantly protecting the livelihoods of the farmers themselves.

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