OpenWeather App is here to unleash the One Call API potential

A scientific yet simple approach to weather forecasting

  • The minute-by minute precipitation chart for 1 hour that indicates any precipitation and its intensity in the requested location.
  • The first 2 days come with an hourly temperature fluctuation chart.
  • Intuitively clear icons that visualise the weather conditions for every hour, 48 hours straight.
  • Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Overnight temperature for 7 days upfront.
  • Expand any day of the week and get a visual chart on temperature and detailed weather information for the day, plus Sunset/Sunrise time.
  • Minimalistic design that gives all the weather information once can possibly need: Feels Like, wind speed; wind direction; atmospheric pressure; humidity; UV index and visibility.
  • Add up to 6 cities from across the Globe to your favourites;
  • Customise the units for the weather to be displayed — metric vs imperial;
  • Is the weather different? — the feature that enables users to contribute to weather intelligence.

The magic behind the OpenWeather App



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