30 Days Climate Forecast to aid the operations management

Plan your operations with Climate Forecast 30 days API

Obtain your weather data with the Climate Forecast for 30 days API and plan your journey through the month. The fusion of know-how and a collection of historical meteodata will make the weather work for you.

In the northern hemisphere the sniffle season kicks off in October, and pharma manufacturers replenish their stocks on remedies against cold and flu. Should work like a clock, right? So why did the anti-flu campaigns fail in Britain in 2011? The low temperature and humidity levels make us more susceptible to illnesses. However, the temperature in October 2011 was abnormally hot, and the temperature levels continue hitting the record year by year.

With the development of data-science, an increasing number of industries apply the weather data to their plans. The inclusion of weather forecasts into the predictive models reveals insights that address resource management on multiple fronts such as category management, supply chains and human resource. You know this better than we do!

Our 30 Days Climate Forecast API provides you with access to weather data for any location. You can obtain your weather data by the city name; city-ID; geographical coordinates and zip-code as it is in ISO3166. We update your weather 4 times a day, giving you an effective tool for tactical moves anywhere on the globe. The multilingual support and availability of data in imperial and metric units come without saying.

You get the numbers on atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, cloudinessand precipitation in 1-hour step, UTC format. When it comes to temperature, we give you 6 values, that include minimum and maximum daily temperatures. Temperature for the morning, evening, day and night. And the ultimate “feels like”, that serves as an icing on the cake, giving a general indication of the weather conditions, making your customer’s behaviour more predictable.

Try our collection of historical weather data to aid your modelling. The 40 years of historical weather data for any location is waiting right there, neatly packed in CSV and JSON format.



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